Team of Distinction - Westminster Royals 1928

2005 Westminster Royals 1928In the Canadian Challenge Cup Final of 1928 Westminster Royals beat Montreal Canadian National Railways in three games all played at Carruthers Park in Winnipeg.

In the first game played on July 28, the Royals won 3-2, but in the second game played on July 3-0, CNR won 2-1 to tie the series. In the deciding game played on August 2, Westminster Royals won 6-1. This team was not called New Westminster Royals, as you would expect, because the hockey team in New Westminster already had that name.

Oddly enough Westminster Royals used a different goalkeeper in each of the three games. In game one it was Andy Roots, in game two Aubrey Sanford and in game three Stanley Ball. The other players who played in the final were George Anderson, Alexander Strang, Les Rimmer, George Russell, Austin Delany, Adam Kerr, Dickie Stobbart, Jack Coulter, Dave Turner, Harry Chapman, Tom Taylor, Tommy Trotter and Jimmy Smith.

Three members of this team have already been inducted into the Hall of Fame they are Aubrey Sanford (as a builder) and Dickie Stobbart and Dave Turner as players.