Team of Distinction - Team Canada 1924

2008 Team Canada 1924In 1924 the national team sailed from Victoria, B.C. on April 10 aboard the S.S. Niagara, and played its first game a month later in Sydney, before 20,000 fans. The team played 26 games in Australia, winning 11 and losing eight, while seven ended in ties. The team played in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and South Australia, while games in New Zealand and Hawaii followed on the way home. Taking a team on a three month trip to Australia by boat today is unthinkable, but manager Jimmy Adam did it along with trainer Don Morrison. The players who made the trip were: Harry Mosher (University of British Columbia), George Anderson (Ladysmith), Mitch McLean (Calgary Caledonians), Hank Noseworthy, a full back who took over in goal when Harry Mosher broke his leg (Montreal), Dickie Stobbart (Nanaimo), Bob Harley (Winnipeg United Weston), Fred Dierden (Toronto Willys-Overland), Jack Armstrong (Vancouver St. Andrews), William Sanford (Montreal Blue Bonnets), Harry Chapman (Ladysmith), Leslie Ford (Regina Thistles), Bill Linning (Lethbridge Veterans United), George Forrest (Toronto Ulster United), Jim Wilson (Edmonton Royals), J. Hood (Brandon) and Fred Bowman (Saskatoon Radials).