Player - Robert Walkinshaw "Bob" Harley

Born: Renfrew, Scotland, September 8, 1888. Died. Winnipeg, Manitoba, 1958.Robert Walkinshaw Bob Harley

Captain of the Canadian team that toured Australia in 1924. Grew up in Scotland and was an active and highly regarded player as a youth and was in the Glasgow Rangers youth programme before he moved to Canada in 1911. In 1914 he served overseas with the Fifth battalion and was wounded in action at the front in 1916. He sustained a very serious leg injury. He was decorated for his service at the front for valour and returned to Winnipeg where he spent a year and a half recuperating in the Tuxedo Army hospital. After a long period he resumed his soccer career playing for Manitoba against the Scottish F.A. touring team in 1921 and also for Winnipeg against the same team. He went on to captain United Weston but did not play when the team won the National Final in 1924 and 1926.. After the Australian tour, he continued his playing career and played well into the 1950s. He put on many clinics across Manitoba and Saskatchewan and became closely involved with the local YMHA as a player and coach. He was later honoured as a member of their Sports Hall of Fame. Of the 1924 tour "The Referee", one of the daily newspapers in Sydney, said. "Bob Harley, captain of the Canadians, filled the most difficult position on the field, centre-half. Like the majority of good halves, Harley graduated from the front line, and feeding forwards was his forte. He was never guilty of kicking up the field, like some halves do, in the hope that his comrades would get the ball before the backs."