Player - Les "Buzz" Parsons

Born: Vancouver, B.C., Dec 16, 1950.Les Buzz Parsons

Played 27 times for Canada. Clubs: Vancouver Spartans 1969-70, Vancouver Eintracht, Vancouver Whitecaps 1976-82. First a defender and later a midfield player, Parsons was converted into a striker during the Pan American Games in Columbia in 1971. He played primarily in that position until converted back to a defender by the Vancouver Whitecaps in 1979. With Canada's national teams for ten years. Buzz played briefly in England for Huddersfield Town and Ipswich Town as an amateur. Joined the Whitecaps in 1976 and 1977 and was named to the second NASL All Star team as a striker. Played for the Whitecaps in Soccer Bowl 1979 as a full back. Later became manager of the Vancouver 86ers in the Canadian Soccer League. Played in 106 NASL games in seven seasons and scored 17 goals.