Player - Richard Arends

Richard Dick ArendsBorn in Wijhe Oversyl, the Netherlands.
Clubs: Toronto British Consols, Chicago Vikings, Toronto John Inglis F.C., Toronto Greenbacks. Goalkeeper.

One of Canada's top goalkeepers just before World War Two and in the years during and just after the war. If there had been a Canadian national team in his day Dick Arends would surely have represented his country. He came to Canada in 1926 as a young boy having grown up near Appledorn, in the Netherlands, and soon became part of the Canadian soccer scene. By 1939 he was good enough to represent Ontario against a touring Scottish F.A. team and played so well that one member of the Scottish team recommended him to Motherwell. He then received a letter from the well known Scottish club offering him a trial. However the war intervened and his chance was lost. In the summer of 1946 he was persuaded to leave Canada, moved to the United States to play for the Chicago Vikings and his team won the U.S. Open Cup, the U.S. national championship. That fall he was back in Toronto playing for the newly formed Toronto Greenbacks in the North American Professional Soccer League. In the following years it was rare for Ontario to play a game against a touring team from Europe without having Dick Arends between the goalposts and reading the following day that he had been the star of the game. Now in his 80s Arends still looks as if he could play, his huge hands being the mark of a man who has spent many hours stopping shots from some of the best players in the world.