Pioneer - Tom Robertson

2007 Tom RobertsonA key figure in the movement to form a national governing body for soccer in Canada in 1912, Robertson went on to become the first SecretaryTreasurer of The Dominion of Canada Football Association (DCFA), today's Canadian Soccer Association. At the time he was the SecretaryTreasurer of The Ontario Football Association (OFA) and along with Fred Barter the President of The Province of Quebec F.A. organized the founding meeting of the DCFA in Toronto in July of 1912. Earlier in life Robertson had received an injury as a player that resulted in 53 weeks in hospital and the loss of a leg. During this time he made up his mind to eliminate the brutality that was prevalent in the game at that time and replace the Canadian Rules then in place in the Toronto Football Association (TFA) with the British Rules. When the TFA refused, he was instrumental in forming The Toronto and District Football Association (T & D) in 1908 in opposition to the TFA which eventually led to the two organizations merging and playing British Rules