Organization of Distinction - Edmonton Angels

2014 Inductees has writeup for Edmondon Angels and Robbie Tournament 22One of the most outstanding women's soccer organizations in Canadian soccer history, the Edmonton Angels won the national women's championship the Jubilee Shield an incredible nine times, including six out of the first seven played. The Angels won the first championship ever competed for by beating London Concorde 4-0 in Etobiocoke, Ontario in 1982. Wins over top competition followed, including: beating Halifax Econocolor by 6-0 in 1983, beating James Bay from B.C. by 1-0 in 1984, beating Richmond Kornerkicks by 1-0 in 1985 and the Kornerkicks again by 3-2 in 1986. Coquitlam United were next with a 2-1 win in 1988, before the seventh title was won against Victoria Gorge United by beating them 5-1 in 1995. More titles followed in 1999 and 2000 against U.B.C. Alumni. Many outstanding players formed the Angels lineup over these years, including: Hall of Famers Tracy David, Joan McEachern, Janine Helland and coach Stuart Brown.