Builder - William Fenton

Born: Aberdeen, Scotland, 1879. Died: Toronto, Ontario, January 8, 1953William Fenton

William "Billy" Fenton, the legendary soccer writer for the old Toronto Evening Telegram, was a man who was not just a journalist but an authority on the game. Starting in 1920, Billy wrote a column almost every day in the Telegram for 25 years, a column that is a priceless source of information on the history of soccer in Canada in general and in Toronto in particular. For eight months of the year, Billy's contribution often took up two newspaper columns every day relating the news on the local, provincial, and national competitions, and the annual meetings and soccer gatherings. During the winter months he reported on the news from Britain coming off the wire services at a time when that was the only way soccer fans in Ontario could find out what was happening overseas. When he died in 1953, the headline in the Telegram read "Soccer Mourns Billy Who Had No Peer." Ted Reeve, one of Canada's best known sports columnists of the day wrote "We have never known a sports writer, in our time, who was better, or we might go further than that and say as good, on his own beat as was the late Billy Fenton." Bill Simpson, who was a legend in his own right, said of him. "Words to express the appreciation of Billy Fenton's work for soccer are hard to find. He was not only tops as a soccer writer but was an authority on the game."