Builder - James Adam

Born: Kilmarnock, Scotland, January 28, 1882. Died: Victoria, B.C. March 19, 1939.James Adam

James "Jimmie" Adam did something that is unthinkable, even by today's standards. Jimmy took the National Soccer Team on two three-month tours aborad, one to Australia in 1924, and one to New Zealand in 1927. Each time the national team crossed the Pacific Ocean by boat and played an extended tour, helping to strengthen bonds between the three, then British, Dominions. Born in Scotland he came to Canada at an early age and started a brilliant athletic career. In 1894, he was a member of the Nanaimo Thistles soccer team. In 1901, he moved to Ladysmith where he played for the Extension-Ladysmith eleven. In 1905, he was the star player on the Ladysmith team which went to the World's Fair in Portland, Oregon and won the championship. Considered by many in those days to be the most brilliant centre forward in the history of Canadian soccer, he played for Ladysmith in the 'People' Shield final in 1908. He then played for the British Columbia All-Stars in 1909 against the California All-Stars and scored a hat trick in a 54, B.C. win. When the Corinthians from London toured Canada in 1911, he played for the combined Ladysmith-Nanaimo team against the famous tourists. His playing career over, he remained in the game as an administrator and served 16 years as the B.C. representative on the executive of the Dominion of Canada Football Association which led to his selection as manager of the national team on the tours "Down Under"