Builder - Sylvie Beliveau

Born Sherbrooke, Quebec, December 8, 1963.

Coach of the women's national team at the Women's WSylvie Beliveau 1orld Championship in Sweden in 1995, Sylvie has made a significant contribution to women's soccer in Canada and internationally. A graduate of the University of Victoria's National Coaching Institute, she has successfully coached teams at all levels from local clubs, to college, university and provincial levels, and was the first female coach in Canada to become a High Performance Centre Director. Nationally she began as an assistant coach to Neil Turnbull with the Women's national team in 1991 when the team finished second to the United States in CONCACAF and just failed to qualify for the first World Cup for women in China. Four years later as the head coach Sylvie led Canada to the finals in Sweden and was the only female head coach in the championship. From 1999-2003 Sylvie was active on the Board of the Canadian Soccer Association, serving as the Director of Development of Women's Programs. She was formerly the Technical Director for the Federation de Soccer du Quebec and the Coordinator of Sports Studies for the Outaouais Regional Soccer Association. She has served as a steward for two CONCACAF Women's Gold Cups and three Women's World Championships, as well as the 2004 Olympic Games. Sylvie became a FIFA coaching instructor in 1998 and was appointed to its Technical and Development Committee in January 2004.