Builder - Pat Quinn

Born Dublin, Ireland August 30, 1928 and emigrated to Canada in 1957.Pat Quinn

Until his selection, Pat has been one of the unsung heros of Canadian sport, he has travelled the world as a physiotherapist to all the Canadian national teams over a long period of time, starting in 1973. He represented Canada in 28 full internationals, 24 youth internationals and in five Pan American and Olympic games. His knowledge and skill has saved many a player from more serious injury, and he has got fit for a vital game many a player when he would not otherwise have played. This was particularly true of the 1976 NASL season when he kept the great Portuguese player Eusebio fit to play despite a serious knee problem. As a result the Toronto Metros-Croatia won the NASL championship. He was associated with every professional soccer franchise in Toronto since 1971, including Toronto Metros, MetrosCroatia, and Toronto Blizzard. He played for Toronto Ukrainia, Toronto Irish and Toronto Emerald. In addition he coached Toronto Irish F.C. and Earlscourt F.C. Pat was also involved in hockey in the early 60's and into the 70's in the Ontario Hockey League and has one representative honour for Canada against Finland as a trainer. In retirement he and his family moved to Nanaimo to live.