Builder - Sam Davidson

Born: Ballymena, Northern Ireland, 1886. Died: Winnipeg, Manitoba, November 4, 1965.Sam Davidson

Emigrated to Canada in the early years of the century and went to live in Winnipeg. He was refereeing local soccer when John Easton, Dominion Football Association president, came looking for a secretary to run the game virtually full time in the 1920's. A journeyman plumber Sam quit his profession in 1923 to take the DCFA position full time. Carruthers Park had been built after World War One, Sam lived nearby and he established an office in the wooden stands of the park. Carruthers Park became the home of the finals of the Canadian Challenge Cup for many years, the final only occasionally going to Toronto or Vancouver. Winnipeg supported the competition enthusiastically. Davidson led many touring teams from coast to coast in the period between the wars, earning valuable dollars for the Association through his shrewd business sense. In World War II Davidson saw service in Canada with the Canadian Army. During this period, with soccer activity shut down, Carruthers Park stood forlorn and empty and was eventually sold and demolished for taxes. At war's end, Sam Davidson was in on the revival of the Association in 1946 to aid his friend and colleague, George Anderson, for many years thereafter.