New Brunswick

NBThe New Brunswick Football Association was created in 1935 after being part of the Nova Scotia Football Association for a number of years. In 1935, during the association's inaugural year, two delegates took part in the annual general meeting of the Dominion of Canada Football Association by mail vote. The two delegates were F. McKenna and J. Hall. It appears that The New Brunswick Football Association folded sometime before 1939, as the association was not mentioned again in the minutes of the Dominion of Canada Football Association.

It was not until November 30, 1965 that today's Soccer New Brunswick was formed in Fredericton, with John Bell of Fredericton being named President and Derek Wisdom of Saint John Secretary­Treasurer. Soccer New Brunswick  joined the Football Association of Canada in 1969.

Over the years following its formation in 1965, the following individuals are known to have been president of Soccer New Brunswick. John Bell (1969), Dr. Jim Burns (1972­1976). Mrs Doreen Thompson (1980), John McCoy (1985), Derek Wisdom (1990), Alex Savoie (1993-­1995), Tom Pollock (1996-­2000), Derek Wisdom (2001­2006), Bob Laver (2007-2010), John Lally (2010-­2011)